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Carpet Vacuum

Professional Carpet & Upholstery Cleaning Services in edinburgh

Do you have a carpeted home or office? You will definitely know first-hand the stains and other carpet damage that can accumulate over time. Your carpet can look less than pleasant at the best of times. In fact, a dirty carpet can totally alter the way your space looks altogether.

At Clean House Edinburgh we use a combination of hot water and a high powered extraction method while using eco-friendly shampoo. With our eco-friendly cleaning methods, we make sure that your home is a safe and healthy environment for your pets and kids.

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Our cleaning process removes food stains, pet stains and urine odour from your carpet, using quality methods and safe products.


We also facilitate the removal of dirt, debris and stains that are not even visible to our eyes. Sometimes the worst dirt or unwanted smells are buried deep down in your carpet fibres.


With Clean House Edinburgh you will have total peace of mind knowing that our staff and equipment can provide the best solutions to these problems. We use the following steps to clean your carpet, although it may differ slightly according to the individual needs of each carpet.

Man Vacuuming


01/ Pre-Assessment

We always analyse your carpet first so that we can understand it's individual requirements first.

02/ Vacuuming The Carpet

In this step, we vacuum the carpet thoroughly to get rid of any loose dirt and dust of the upper layer of the carpet. This allows our cleaning agent to reach deep into your carpet quickly thus cleaning it with far more efficiency.


03/ Extraction Shampoo Cleaning & Deodorising

This step plays an important role in removing the dust and dirt from the carpet and provides the perfect base from which to shampoo clean your carpet. We also deodorise to add a fresh fragrance and clean feel to your home. The entire odour from dirt and chemicals are completely removed from your home. This means your carpet requires less drying time and achieves a great result overall.

upholstery cleaning

Using a special upholstery hand tool we are often able to bring furniture back to almost as new condition using a process called hot water extraction (commonly called steam cleaning) in many if not most cases your furniture will look fresh and new, this is because over time the human body secretes oils and perspiration which leave a sticky dirt attractant residue.

That and the the usual wear and tear from clothes, food, drinks, kids and pets mean the lounge suite and chairs continually get dirty not only in a cosmetic sense but also hygienically.


We spray a special cleaning solution which emulsifies the soluble dirt and oils which is then agitated through the pile to remove stubborn deposits. Following this the machine then injects hot water and a sanitising and deodorising solution under high pressure then is rinsed and extracted via the strong vacuum hand tool. The end result is a cosmetically and hygienically clean lounge suite.


We can also clean your beds, chairs and rugs using UK's recognised carpet cleaning best practices.

Vacuuming the Couch
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