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Clean House Edinburgh understands that each household has different needs for home cleaning services. In many years of experience with servicing private households, we have developed a workable system which ensures that our clients receive not only a good standard of cleaning but also a completely hassle free cooperation with fully managed staff and coordinated workflow.

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Our team understands how demanding your schedule can be. With your unique schedule, you need the flexibility to adjust your cleaning plan as needed and without hassle. We are committed to making your life as easy as possible, so we create a cleaning plan based on your needs. Your cleaning plan can be adjusted as often as needed to fit your needs.

Contact us today to request a quote and to learn more about our services and competitive pricing.


A Spring/Sparkle Clean is an ideal solution when you would like to freshen up your home or tackle particular areas, like for example a mouldy bathroom or a greasy kitchen. But you do not need a full deep clean of the property. 

We offer 4 - 6 hours Spring Clean, with one Cleaning Assistant attending. 

Chemicals and Equipment need to be supplied by the client.

Minimum service charge:

3 hours / clean 


Our Oven Cleaning service will make your oven look like new. The cleaning includes all parts of the oven - inside, rails, door and between door glass.


It also includes Hob and Extractor fan.

We bring our own chemicals and equipment for Oven Cleaning.

Home cleaning services


For Regular Cleanings, you can choose to supply the chemicals yourself or ask your Cleaner to buy them for you. 

You can decide which chemicals should our Cleaner use in your home. These are the most usual: 

- Bleach for toilets

- Universal Cleaner Spray

- Spray for mirrors and glass surfaces

- Bathroom cleaner spray

- Universal floor cleaner

- Cif cream cleaner

- 4x Microfibre Cloths

- 1x Sponge

If you'd like to be more eco-friendly we would suggest the below: 
Get e-cloths starter pack 

For toilets and floors: mix white vinegar (3/4 of a cup) with water and an essential oil such as tea tree or lavender oil and put it in an empty spray bottle. 
For sinks, kitchen and bathtubs/shower s mix water with lemon and salt.
Just a plain water in a spray bottle 

We understand your busy schedule so please let us know if you’d like us to purchase any of the above for you prior to your first cleaning (extra fee applies based on what’s needed). 

We will use your hoover and mop. 



  • Hoover the floors

  • Dust reachable surfaces (furniture, tables, lamp shades, window sills)

  • Clean mirrors and door glass

  • Clean Kitchen cabinets from outside (sink, tap, worktop, appliances)

  • Wash the dishes (either by hand or in dishwasher)

  • Clean Bathroom and Toilet (shower screen, bathtub, taps, mirror, basin, floor)

  • Empty rubbish bins, take out rubbish and replace bin bags

  • Make the beds

  • Mop the floors

  • Tidy up and make the place look presentable


  • Ironing

  • Changing bed linen

  • Polishing Brass or Silver 

  • Washing ( Laundry ) 

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