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Deep cleaning services in edinburgh for tenants, landlords, builders and offices.

Discover top-notch cleaning services in Edinburgh with our dedicated team of professional cleaners. We specialize in providing impeccable cleaning solutions tailored to meet your needs. Whether you require residential or commercial cleaning, our experienced cleaners in Edinburgh are here to deliver unparalleled service, ensuring a spotless and inviting environment for you. Trust us for reliable and efficient cleaners in Edinburgh, committed to exceeding your expectations.

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steam cleaning edinburgh

Elevate the appearance and hygiene of your property with Clean House Edinburgh's comprehensive deep clean service. Our transformative approach ensures your space looks and feels as good as new, using the formidable power of vapor steam.


Our secret weapon lies in the advanced, low-moisture vapor steam method, ideal for those who demand more than a regular cleaning service. This technique efficiently tackles challenging areas like tile grouts, toilet spaces, spots behind appliances, greasy ovens, and more.


Opting for our deep cleaning service not only guarantees a sparkling clean home but also ensures thorough sanitization, all achieved in an eco-friendly manner.


Trust Clean House Edinburgh for exceptional deep cleaning that leaves your property refreshed, spotless, and hygienic.


Experience the revitalizing impact of our steam cleaning services in Edinburgh, setting a new standard for cleanliness and sustainability."

Cleaning Materials


Background checked  and vetted cleaners

Public Liability Insurance

No Hidden Costs

Photo Documentation

100% satisfaction is always guaranteed

Glass Buildings

Deep Cleaning Checklist


Ceilings / Corners / Cornices/Lights

Dusted, and free of cobwebs



Dusted and, free of marks and cobwebs


Doors/Door handles

Dusted and wiped (as required) from top to bottom, free from stains, marks and fingerprints etc.


Curtain rails

Dusted and wiped


Light fittings and shades

Dusted and wiped



Cleaned from inside ONLY

(Extra fee applies)


Window Frames, Sills, Ledges, Handles

Wiped clean, free of stains, marks, fingerprints etc.

Wall pictures (including top of the frame)

dusted; glass frames (if there are any) – clean and polished



frames dusted, glass cleaned, polished and free of spots, marks, fingerprints etc.


Light switches, plugs and sockets

dusted and wiped clean, free of marks etc.  



empty, dusted, wiped, polished


Wooden furniture

dusted, wiped and polished



dusted and wiped clean free of spots, marks, fingerprints etc.


Fire place and surrounding area

 vacuumed, wiped and cleaned


wiped and cleaned from top to bottom, and behind free from dust, of spots, marks, fingerprints etc.


Skirting (including the skirting boards behind the furniture)

dusted and wiped


All floors

vacuumed (including under the carpets, tables, beds, sofas, chairs, etc.), vacuumed, mopped, stain free



vacuumed (including under the tables, chairs, sofas, beds, etc.), stain free



vacuumed (including behind and underneath the cushions)


Cupboards and drawers

cleared out, dusted from inside and out, polished


Cupboards and drawers

cleaned out, wiped; clean free from dust, crumbs, marks etc.


Wall tiles

free of stains, mould and grease, washed and polished


All work surfaces (such as kitchen countertops)

washed and sanitized


Sink and taps

descaled, washed, sanitized, polished


Extractor fan

degreased, clean and polished


Oven, Hobs and Grill

degreased, cleaned inside and out, outside chrome and glass parts clean and polished

(Extra fee applies)

Fridge and freezer

internally and externally clean


Microwave Oven

wiped from inside and outside



cleaned from inside and outside


Washing Machine & Tumble Dryer 

soap dispenser, rubber seal and filters, etc. Dust and lint filters, rubber seal, handles, etc.


Kitchen small appliances

toaster, kettle, etc, cleaned


Internal bins

emptied, cleaned inside and out


Beds/Bed frames

cleaned and dust free (any wood, glass or metal parts – polished)


Bedside Lamps




vacuumed from both sides

steam cleaned (removes bed bugs, dust mites, disinfects) Extra fee applies


Bedroom storage units (such as wardrobes, cupboards, night tables, drawers, etc.)

emptied and cleaned inside and out (any wood, glass or metal parts – polished)


Waste paper baskets

emptied and cleaned


Extractor fan

demoulded, dusted and degreased


Wall tiles

cleaned, descaled, polished and demoulded


Cupboards and shelves

emptied, demoulded, cleaned (glass and chrome  parts – polished)



wiped, polished and free of spots and fingerprints


Toothbrush glass

cleaned and polished


Soap dispenser



Basin, taps and fittings

cleaned, descaled, demoulded, dried and polished 

Radiator and towel rail

cleaned and polished


Shower head

cleaned, descaled, dried and polished


Shower screen

washed inside and outside, demoulded, descaled and polished; cleaned



washed, descaled, sanitised, polished


Toilet/Bidet and toilet seat

cleaned, descaled and disinfected from inside and out



washed, descaled, free of mould and sanitised; clean


Stairs and banisters

hoovered, dusted, cleaned

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