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One Off Clean

A One Off Clean is an ideal solution when you would like to freshen up your home or tackle particular areas, like for example a mouldy bathroom or a greasy kitchen. But you do not need a full deep clean of the property. 

We offer 4 - 6 hours One Off Clean, with one Cleaning Assistant attending. 


Price = £8/hour fee paid in advance + £10/hour paid directly to Cleaner.


Chemicals and Equipment need to be supplied by the client.

Oven Cleaning

Our Oven Cleaning service will make any oven look like new. The cleaning includes all parts of the oven - inside, rails, door and between door glass.

It also includes Hob and Extractor fan.

Single Oven = £54  

Double Oven = £66


We bring our own chemicals and equipment for Oven Cleaning.

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